Ebonus : from BIG to SMALL DATA (Usage-Based-Insurance)
Friday, 14 March 2014

 As the cost of technology has steadily declined over the last three years prompting insurers to explore usage-based insurance, issues of data storage and security have begun to pose serious problems. Anticipating a rapid increase in the number of “connected cars “ (vehicles with wireless internet access), many suppliers of telematic solutions have been considering instituting standards appropriate for the “Big Data” era while avoiding creating costly, energy-guzzling data-storage facilities.  

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ACT Concepts interview by Andrew Tolve (TelematicsUpdate)
Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Smartphones as an incentive for insurance telematics

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        Of all the insurance telematics solutions to surface in the past three years, smartphones have been conspicuously absent from the party. This is partly because not all drivers own smartphones, and there's little sense in making a telematics solution dependent on another solution that a large percentage of drivers lack.


Smartphone ebonus: A perfect pairing for rolling out usage-based auto insurance
Monday, 13 June 2011

        Usage-based insurance is still struggling to develop a market in France. Even though insurers often blame the cost of telematic devices for putting the brakes on the development of usage-based insurance in France, drivers, have also been reluctant to change their contracts, waiting for more attractive offers and incentives that won’t place too many constraints on their daily driving habits. To make usage-based insurance a real commercial success, therefore, a major effort to educate drivers is necessary. 


“ With our concept of Pripayd ebonus, we have shown that there’s a simple and efficient solution that respects individual freedom. By integrating our product into a Smartphone, we now hope to offer all drivers a fun and educational application that provides the added benefit of reducing their insurance premium.”


The concept behind Pay-As-You-Drive™
Monday, 09 May 2005

Le concept du Pay-As-You-Drive™ 

Pay-As-You-Drive™ (PAYD) is a way to calculate dynamic insurance premiums that change based on your conduct behind the wheel.

Pay-As-You-Drive™ in Europe
Friday, 28 September 2007

Launched in 2005 in Britain by Norwich Union and released soon after in Italy and Spain, Pay-As-You-Drive™ experienced its largest period of growth in 2007.

Pay-As-You-Drive™ in France
Monday, 29 October 2007

Continuing along the path paved by the British and the Italians, French insurance companies are gearing up to launch their own version of Pay-As-You-Drive™.

After COVEA’s failed attempts in December 2005, it was the insurer AXA who took the lead in convincing the CNIL (National Commission of Information Technology and Privacy Rights) and laying the groundwork for the application of PAYD to a new fleet of vehicles.

The Three Types of Pay-As-You-Drive™
Tuesday, 20 November 2007

PAYD can take many forms depending on the data you wish to use. The simplest form consists of determining the insurance premium as a function of the number of kilometers traveled.

The Next Generation of Pay-As-You-Drive™ / GPS
Tuesday, 27 November 2007

e-bonus® is different from other products designed for use in a Pay-As-You-Drive™ system because it’s the only product today that compiles the data directly inside the box. To achieve this, the device relies on a GPS receptor but more importantly on a geographical database of maps.