The concept behind Pay-As-You-Drive™
Monday, 09 May 2005

Le concept du Pay-As-You-Drive™ 

Pay-As-You-Drive™ (PAYD) is a way to calculate dynamic insurance premiums that change based on your conduct behind the wheel.

 It works by having an electronic device installed on board your vehicle that periodically transfers groups of data to your insurer. By analyzing this information, your insurer can personalize your insurance premium by taking into account the number of miles you travel, the areas you go most often, and your conduct as a driver. Right now, the use and definition of the PAYD device is far from fixed. Various applications, notably in emergency prevention and response, could be adopted to make the most of this emerging technology. It is certain, however, that with PAYD, insurers have found an effective and easy way to reward good drivers.

Motorists who play by the rules will see real savings on their insurance premiums.


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