The First PriPAYD (Privacy Friendly Pay-As-You-Drive) Electronic Unit
Tuesday, 11 December 2007

But what exactly is PriPAYD ? Basically, it’s a much less intrusive form of PAYD that aggregates all a vehicle’s data directly inside the electronic unit. Many countries, including Belgium, are already exploring this idea. France hasn’t been lingering far behind either ; the French PriPAYD solution has been around since 2001 and it’s called e-bonus®.

Dear to the heart of ACT Concepts, the idea of creating a device that computes statistics inside vehicles originated from the fear of black boxes. Since 2001 e-bonus project has focused on elaborating its method of calculation. Voluntarily limiting the transfer of statistics to protect privacy was the first step. Choosing the right method for computing the calculations inside the box is the next step. To do this, there are two approaches, one more intrusive than the other :

  • The first consists of continuously saving a stream of raw data and then aggregating the data at the moment the results are transmitted,
  • The second consists of computing the statistics each second so that no raw data is stored.


 Obviously in both cases the statistical data transferred at the end of a period (a week, a month...) is identical. But if we really want to prevent access to any data concerning a driver’s movements/whereabouts, it is clear that the second method is preferable.

Watch this video to see how the second « non-intrusive » method works. This is the method used inside the e-bonus® electronic unit.

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