Phoning while driving and radar detectors : ebonus is always ahead of the curve !
Sunday, 12 June 2011


Last week, at the fourth CISR (Interministerial Committee for Driving Safety), the government presented a new series of measures designed to reinforce road safety, which included a ban on radar detectors as well as tougher sanctions for using mobile phones while driving.  



Talking on the phone while driving is not a new problem.  But today, the accident statistics make it official : the French are learning bad habits that go against the goal of making the roads safer.  Clearly, a significant educational effort is necessary in this area as well. 



“The evolution of ebonus towards a mobile platform is not only due to our desire to reduce the cost of the device. We also want to offer a solution to this new problem.  The use of cellphones while driving is a risk factor that insurance companies are now seeking to better control; managing this risk allows them to reward drivers who make an effort to drive safely.”  


 In other words, drivers who refrain from using their mobile phones while driving should benefit from reduced insurance premiums, compared to those who don’t play by the rules.  And this is exactly what ebonus Mobile Solution offers, taking this factor into account in the calculation of the insurance premium. 

With the ebonus Mobile Solution, the more a driver uses the service while driving, the more his insurance premium is optimized, thanks to the rate of usage data that is transmitted to the insurance company. The higher the rate of usage, the greater the reduction of the premium could be.  In contrast, if the driver talks (or texts) on the phone while driving, the usage rate will be reduced as a consequence of his behavior, lessening the savings on his insurance premium.  


As for radar detectors, the ebonus Mobile Solution is getting more buzz than ever.  The idea of aggregating data onboard the vehicle (the concept behind Pripayd ebonus), which today is recommended by the CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Liberty), allows us to go even further in the struggle to make the roads safer.  To solve the radar detector problem, which is linked to excessive speeding on the highway, ebonus offers a simple way for drivers to monitor their behavior, while still completely respecting their rights to privacy—not just at checkpoints with radar guns or speed cameras but continuously!—all while leaving each driver a margin of error (statistical analysis). 


 The problem of speeding is still not resolved in France because French drivers don’t perceive the solutions in place today to be fair solutions.  For ACT Concepts, it’s not only breaking the speed limit that we must combat but rather the bad habits that drivers learn after having committed these violations.”                    


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